Hello abstract-loving blog readers! Big news this week: my work has been accepted into the LUMINESCENCE IV exhibit at the Deer Lake Art Gallery in Burnaby, BC! The exhibit is a celebration and showcase of artworks based upon or inspired by light. A perfect concept, don’t you think?

I’m very excited and honoured to have work included in the show, and very much looking forward to seeing the other creations by my fellow light-loving local artists. If you’re around the Vancouver / Burnaby area, I hope you’ll drop by and check it out.

Tickets for the event are available here.

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Exhibition News!


Hello again, blog readers! It's been a while - too long, I admit - but I have been busy in the few months since last post, putting together my first exhibition, which opened last night! Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello, whether they read this or not; it was a very special night for me and I'm so grateful to Töso Wood Gallery of Vancouver, BC, for hosting my work amongst the beautiful furniture and wood sculptures in their space. (If you're in Vancouver, or planning to visit, the exhibit is on through June.)

The entire experience of putting together a show was quite something... it came together quickly, and came with some unexpected personal hurdles - defining myself as a capital-A Artist (surprisingly difficult), sifting through all the myriad motivations for doing what I do and distilling those down to a coherent artist statement (so many diverse reasons!), whittling down my favourite images to a very select few to present (I love them all). In the end though, it came together and I'm thrilled with how it all looks hung together on the wall. The hurdles were worth it, and the joy I felt at observing the first reactions to these strange photographs was such firm validation that any hesitation I had in self-defining as an Artist is thoroughly dissipated. 

My main thread of interest in this strange realm of photography and the process of #experimentaloptics is the challenge it poses to one's perception of the illuminations in the world, and I suppose further to the world in general. For the most part, these are relatively normal sources of illumination, things the average person encounters in their life - city lights, holiday lights, fireworks, the amusement park - but in transforming them, I hope to inspire the imagination to new perceptions and new perspectives. Last night at the opening party, the thing I enjoyed most was chatting with people and hearing what they saw in these abstract images - what piqued their curiosity, twigged their imagination, what feelings and associations they had to the shapes and colours and forms and composition. I love that this work has the capacity to fascinate and surprise, and I'm so very excited to find out where this path of Artist will go next. 

Thank you all for being along on the journey, either reading here or following on Instagram!