Living an Experimental Life

As might be obvious if you follow my Instagram feed, I love experimentation. LOVE it. My entire workflow is testing out ideas, following random little thoughts, trying new things. In my previous career I often joked that my job was really Chaos Wrangler, as that’s how it felt, but I’ve come to realize these past couple weeks that while the label was applied in jest, it is astonishingly true, just in a different way than before. Now, I willingly wrangle chance, chaos, and random variables that I introduce into the workflow. And I love it.

The other day I was playing around with some music stuff, making beats with a resampling plugin that is largely controlled by random-chance variable settings. I had also been playing around with my guitar and some fun distortion/delay/arpeggiator plugins that have plenty of variables with which to induce chaos. (Sense a pattern here?) Yesterday I sat down to explore combining the generated beats with the transformed guitar, other randomly affected synths, and this is what came of it - I hope you enjoy this sketch exploration into working with wrangled-chaos elements!